Thursday, June 16, 2011

John's 2 Minutes To Make A Difference Reflection

Our topic was Child labour all over the world.

1.The Google doc slide.

First Draft

Final Draft

The changes that we made from our first draft to our final draft was adding all of our voices instead of just Alec. We also added the "How we made a difference." These adjustments and tweaks were made from the comments of other students.

We found our expert by emailing her at Free The Children. This is an organization that help children that are working illegally. We received an email from Bianca Gonzales, She answered thoughtfully to our questions. Things that I learned from her is that you can help stop child labor by spreading the topic, donating to organizations and buying products that help stop child labor.

My greatest success in the 2 minutes project was doing some voice overs for the video and help make the video, and add suggestions to make it better. A skill that I might take with me to the future is telling people my ideas or possible suggestions, because in the future I might come across something like this.

The thing that frustrated me the most was thinking of good ideas to add to our video. Strategies that I used to become successful was I brainstormed with my group and thought of good ideas to add to our video.

I think the two minute project is important to students because it shows them that there are people out their that need help. It shows them that life isn't about getting new things and worrying about little things like new fashion trends. This projects tells us to appreciate what we have and help out people who need help the most.

In the the future I think I will make a difference by donating money to charity, foundations, organizations, etc. that will help people who are in need.

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