Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Marysa's 2 Minutes Reflection

First Draft

Final Draft

Google Doc

Between the two copies of our video we changed a lot. One thing we changed from the first draft and the second one was we added our voices as a narration to the text. We also placed some of our word slides on to picture slides to make the video shorter and in the time range. Another change that we made to our second draft was that we were able to go through the video and re-organize the photos that we had used so that they really did match the text. We were also able to correct the spelling and punctuation errors we had made. I think that the comments on the video did help me make our video better. I think they did because a lot of the comments that were posted helped me to find most the spelling and punctuation errors.

We found many experts through our internet resource and from our teachers advice. Though sadly no one ever responded to any of our emails. I am not really sure why they did not they could have been busy or the email was never read and just discarded. Either way we were able to include a section to the video that showed our audience the 5 questions we sent to all of our exerts. Even though we were unable to come in contact with someone many people still got the email that we sent telling of how we are making a difference.

I think that my greatest success in the 2 minutes project was the final draft. I see now how we are able to accomplish things if we are willing to do so. There are many skills that I will be able to take away from doing a project like this one. The first skill is being able to find and to research a topic that you may not know much about. The next is once you have that to really be able to place it into a video in away that people will want to watch. I was also able to get some people skills. I learned that every group member has an opinion and that they should all be incorporated into the project in some way. One other thing that I learned from this project is some much needed computer skills like how to create a movie and find good information.

Some thing that frustrated me during the movie making process was when we were recording the voices to narrate our video there was always some noise in the back ground or some one was not paying attention and talked during the recording of some one else. I think that this was the most frustrating thing because it was a very simple task that had to be redone may times to get right. The way we over came this process was that no one was allowed to have any thing around them that could have distracted them and made them forget what to say.

I believe that the two minutes project is important to grade 8 students because one day we will be active participants in the outside world and this really is an eye opener that shows students a lot of the problems that the world is facing. I shows us that we can make a difference if we really try or care to. It also shows us a lot of different skills that we may need to use in our future school education or in our careers.

In the future I think that I will be able to make a difference by donating money to different charities that help the people of Darfur. I also believe that even being able to raise more awareness about all of the problems that the area faces. I think this could help because most people are pretty aware that there is poverty but they may not know about what has happened to Darfur.

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