Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maya's Two Minutes to Make a Difference Reflection

Group Members -
Emily P, Breanna M, Ana L, Maya L. 8-73

2. The changes we made between the first and final cut of my movie were the pictures, the way we organized it, and the text. We needed to know which pictures were going in, and which pictures shouldn't be in the video. We needed to organize the slides, and put voice into it. We also needed to fix our text, and to make sure our voice is clear. Lastly, we had to fix the interview, so it wouldn't be long. I think the student comments helped us, because we probably would have gotten a low mark, and we needed to improve of what we missed in the video.

3. Our expert for our video was D'Arcy from D'Arcy's Animal Rescue Center. We emailed him, and asking if they could book us to interview about animal cruelty and take pictures. He replied back a day after saying that he was free at some specific time and day. I learned from my expert that animal cruelty is an important issue, and that cats are being taken in every single day to his animal center.

4. My greatest success in this video process was finding the expert because, I didn't think that experts for animal cruelty would have time for us, but I was in the Philippines while my group talked to two more experts. The skills that I will take with me and use in the future for a project like this is to always takes notes so I can memorize all the important information I would need for my project.

5. The thing that frustrated me the most during the movie process would have to be taking time to find the materials and figuring out what information and pictures to use in our video because, we had to know which information and pictures to use that would make the audience go out to make a cause after watching our project. The strategies that we used were to use what was really important, what everyone would like to know about animal cruelty, and why we should prevent it from happening.

6. The 2 Minutes project is important to Grade 8 students because, we are getting more mature and we should know what is happening in the world right at this moment. Sometimes, we think about ourselves than other people or other animals. We should all be treated equally and nobody or any animal should be harmed at all. Especially, if they're innocent.

7. In the future, I will make a difference by donating money to the animal shelters. My project made me realize that animals are being abused for all the wrong reasons and we should care for them, like we do for our family and friends.

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