Thursday, June 16, 2011

Angelique's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference - Reflection

Japan Disaster Relief
Group members: Jasmin Lacap, Anna Gomez, and Angelique Marcial

Google Document

First Draft

Final Draft

2. Our first video to our final draft had a big difference. We found adding voice narrations would make the video improve more, and also the slowing down the slides. The comments from the first draft really helped us to fix our video, like slowing down the slides. The voice narrations made it easier for the person who is watching to read, because they can just follow along or just listen. The comments were great help for us.

3. We found our expert while we were looking for information online. We found a site called, "ABS-CBN Kapamilya helpine." We found Edna Lupa, who is responsible for gathering information and organizations who help Japan. When we called, it was early in the morning, so she just she would email. Three important key points she told us were:
1. North and South America received warnings and evacuations
2. At least 20 other countries recieved warnings
3. Caramines Sur and Norte, Philippines was affected by the earthquake also

4. My group and I was successful on finding an expert.

5. Our greatest success for our 2 Minutes project were the information and pictures we found.

6. The thing that frustrated me the most during the movie process was my voice narration. This is because when I was talking I wasn't so sure if I was going to fast, to slow, too loud, or too quiet. I tried to hear myself after the recording and picked the best one I should use.

7. The 2 Minutes project is important to Grade 8 students because we can show at any age we can do something and help our world. We can make differences in the world.

8. I will make a difference in the future by helping or donating what I can, or do what I can do to help without anything in return. I can tell people the information I know and what I learned during this experience.

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