Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer's two minutes two make a diffrence video response post



Group Members- Summer Temple

This is my two minutes two make a difference response on how my video changed from the first draft to the final draft.

My first draft had allot of spelling errors and i was missing a few pieces to it. but after i watched it and read the responses to it i changed some things like fixed the spelling and put more information into it. the final draft is far better than the first one but not as good as i would have liked it because i did not have an interview. the reason for that was because i emailed someone from the Winnipeg humane society some questions but did not get answers in time for the final copy of the movie. the greatest skill i got from this movie was probably finding out so much more information on animal cruelty and the skills it takes to make a movie. but i also learned about allot of great sites i can go to to find out more on animal cruelty or if i am doing another movie project i know were i can get music for it and how to make the movie all together. some things that frustrated me were that i could not get my voice in to the movie because it either wanted me to have music or narration but not both. so that was a big problem. i will make a difference in the future by making sure that everyone is aware of animal cruelty so that they too can take action because it is just so sad to see these poor animals suffer.

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