Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jasmin's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference- Reflection

2 Minutes To Make A Difference
Group members: Angelique Marcial, Anna Gomez, Jasmin Lacap

Here is our Google Document-

Here is our FIRST DRAFT

Here is our FINAL DRAFT-


I think our video had a big change between the rough draft and the final cut video. We did not have voice in our first draft, so we decided to add voice narration for a our final video to make it better. Our friends and classmates commented on how our slides were a little too fast for our first video, so for our final video, we tried our best to slow down the slides but still meet the time limit. The comments of other students really helped my group and I improve our video as much as we could.

We found our expert while we were looking for information online. We found a site called " ABS-CBN Kapamilya helpline." We found Edna Lupa, who is responsible for an organization that supports Japan and gathers information. She gave us helpful websites, which led us to information that boosted up our video project. Three important points that we learned from Edna Lupa are:

- North and South America received warnings and evacuations.

- At least 20 other countries received warnings.
- Caramines Sur and Norte (Philippines) was affected by the quake.

4) I think my group and I were successful in finding our expert.

5) I think our great success in our 2 minutes project was the information and powerful images that we were able to gather. A skill that I will use in the future is to not fall behind and procrastinate, because this will only lead to stress.


During the movie making process, one specific thing that frustrated me was trying to overlap our voice narration over the music on the right time with the slides, I always had to redo it over and over. I became successful after many tries, but this took a lot of patience.


The 2 minutes to make a difference project is important to grade 8 students because we want to prove to adults that at our young age, we can make a difference in one way or another.

8) I will make a difference in the future by helping and being involved in different organizations and fundraisers that are trying to help other people around the world.

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