Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 Minutes Reflection Post

Some of the changes that my group made was that we included more voices and not just Alec. This hopefully helped the viewer to stay intact and want to keep watching instead of hearing the same voice over and over again. I think that the comments in the first draft really improved our video. For example, we almost forgot to put what we did to help this issue, thanks to the viewers we remembered and we posted the site we made. Click here for the site :D

We contacted our expert by sending an email to Free the Children, a foundation that helps children in bad situation. And we received an email back from Bianca Gonzales. We asked her questions and she kindly responded back in a thought out answer. Things that I learned from the expert is that you can help prevent child labor by being informed and to spread the word about it so we can make a difference, she also says that in her opinion she describes child labor as harmful. I believe in that because what is so good and will help the children out in child labor? Nothing right? All it does is hurt the children, exclude them from living a normal life, and not having that special time in your life with your family. Also, she also tells us more about what jobs the children have to go through.

In this 2 minutes project, my greatest success was making the script because I really thought hard on what to say and how to say it in a way that people would hear it and keep it in their mind. A skill that I will take with me for the future is making the script. This will help me in the future because in high school there will be a lot of essay writing and writing a script would really help me.

The thing that frustrated me the most was trying to fit the expert interview into our video. It was frustrating because she had a lot to say, and we wanted everyone to know what she said because my group truly believes that what she says is true and will touch other people. A strategy that I used to help me be successful is actually rereading the script and making some changes. This improved the script because in the beginning I didn't have much to say but after, I read over all the things we found about child labor, and put it in the script.

The 2 minutes video is important to all the grade 8's because this project showed all of us that what Mr. Harbeck says is true. That there are more things than whats behind your hands. This project showed all the grade 8's there are a lot of people and animals in the world that are having a terrible life. All of us should be happy with what we have and try to make a difference in the world.

I will make a difference in the future by treating everything with respect. Every person, thing, and animal with respect. After seeing most of the videos, I now know that everyone and everything has a different lifestyle than what we have. I will spread the word of child labor and try to treat everything in the world as if it was my own family, friends, and loved ones.

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