Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Katerina's Two Minutes Reflection

Our project was on "Poverty In Winnipeg"

My First Draft:

The changes I made to make my project better was that I made my slides slower. I noticed myself that I couldn't read the slides. Another thing I changed was the spelling mistakes. I also corrected my grammar. the student comments helped me a lot because of the things I didn't see like my spelling mistakes.

My Final Draft:

We found our expert by going to Winnipeg Harvest. Three important fact the Kate Reynolds told us was " There are over 300 agencies across Manitoba " " Half of the children who come for emergency services are under the age 18 " and " Poverty rates in Winnipeg get higher each year. " I learned that By raising money and donating it to Winnipeg Harvest, we can halp FIVE people. I also learned that some people can't get everything they need from Winnipeg harvest because they have to give an even amount of food/other things to everyone who goes there. I think that our greatest success from the two minutes video was learning and understand what being in poverty is like. Poverty honestly doesn't feel great. One skill I will take with me next year is how much we searched for information. We ended up having to leave out quite a bit of information. What really frustrated me the most was how much trouble it was to post it! I ended up posting it over and over again. I did get it on youtube, after my fifth try. the strategie I used to be successful was to ask lots of questions about posting a video up because I had a lot of trouble. I do believe that this two minutes project is important to grade eight students,but I also believe it's important to all people because you learn about what is really important in the world. From this project I learned stuff about poverty, but from watching other videos I learned stuff about animal creulty too. I also learned about team work. Team work can be hard when doing a project like this but, there are many ways to get to success! In the future, I will make a difference by donating food to Winnipeg harvest more often and by raising money.

Video made by: Katerina, Jennily, and Krizna.

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