Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Emily's Two Minutes to Make a Difference Reflection

Project Topic: ANIMAL ABUSE

Group Members:
Emily 8-73
Breanna 8-73
Ana 8-73
Maya 8-73


Here is the FIRST DRAFT of my video:

Here is the FINAL DRAFT of my video:


I thought it was relatively easy to make the video. When my group made changes for the final draft of our video we had to change the speed of some of the slides so you could finish reading the points. We also had to change our credits so they were done properly. We also had to adjust the interview so it would start at an appropriate time and place. We also added a narration improve our video. I do think the student comments helped because it allowed me to know what could be done to improve my video, such as the evidence of my group making a difference.

Our expert was D'Arcy from D'Arcy's Animal Rescue Center (ARC). We got in contact with him by emailing the shelter and asking if they would allow us to interview someone and take pictures. We did get a reply back the next day and we booked an appointment to interview D'Arcy. To thank the people at D'Arcy's ARC we baked cupcakes and donated money. We learned from our expert that even though animal cruelty is a VERY SERIOUS issue because many people who abuse animals are not punished.

My greatest success in this video process was finding three different experts. Besides going to D'Arcy's Arc, we also went to the Winnipeg Humane Society and Winnipeg Pet Rescue. At all three places we interviewed an expert and took pictures of animals at the shelters that are included throughout the video. Each place was equally as helpful but we only recorded our interview at D'Arcy's ARC. During the interview we asked D'Arcy a few questions about what animal abuse was and the consequences of committing an act of animal abuse.

What frustrated me during the project was finding all of the material to use in the video. It was sometimes difficult to find images that were creative commons that applied to your topic. Eventually I got all of the pictures I needed. I also found it difficult to find two songs that were specific to the mood you wanted to create for the video.

TWO MINUTES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE is important to grade 8 students because we are at the age where we may take what we have for granted. Many children do not have the privilege of getting a good education and a good home. We may also treat animals with no respect but animals are just like us in many ways and they deserve to be treated like humans. These videos help us realized that when we feel like we have nothing, there is other people who have it much worse than us.

In the future I will make a difference by volunteering at animal shelters because my project was on animal abuse and I think it is a very serious issue and it should stop. I will also make a difference by volunteering at other shelters or centers that help people who live in poverty or places that raise awareness to many different causes.

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