Friday, June 17, 2011

Colleen's 2 minutes to make a difference reflection

The changes we made to the first draft, is that we corrected the spelling and grammar mistakes. We also added more pictures, and put where we donated the money to. The students comments was helpful to making our video better.

3. We found our expert through the internet. Our expert is from the MCIC (Manitoba Council for International Cooperation). We e-mailed Rebecca Irving, and asked a few questions, then we asked if we could have an interview. She kindly said yes. She defined what child labour means, and how we could help prevent it. Rebecca also talked about the effects of child labour. I learned a lot from Rebecca. I learned that the government is denying that child labour is happening in their country. Even if they have evidence, they will say that is not I'm my country.

5. I think our greatest success was finding a expert in Winnipeg, and being able to interview them and learning a lot from that interview.

6. The thing that frustrated me during this process is finding pictures. There wasn't a lot of varieties of pictures, and the ones I really liked were not creative commons. I tried searching up different key words, and by doing that i found more pictures. Another thing that frustrated me is finding music.

7. 2 minutes to make a difference is important to grade 8 student because we should know what is going on in the world. So we can change this in the future. It also teaches us from what to do and what not to do.

8. In the future i will make a difference by being concerned with the bad things happening around the world, and trying to prevent it or help in any way i can. I will donate money, clothes, and food. I will try to raise awareness on that situation.

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