Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jomer's 2 Minutes To Make A Difference Reflection

1. Google Doc

Here is the First Draft of our video

Here is our Final Version of our video


Making this video was so much fun. Joshua and I basically rushed through our first copy. We had everything planned out, but windows movie maker wasn't cooperating with us. Our first copy didn't go through detail and explained animal cruelty. So, we had to add more pictures, and more information to the video. We needed to show that we made a difference. In the first version, we didn't add our difference because we were still raising money. The students comments were really helpful. If they didn't tell us about our grammar and spelling mistakes, we wouldn't of known. Also, they kept telling us to add more pictures, so we added a lot of images of animals being abused.

We interviewed many people. I was afraid that no organization would help us out. So i kept going on Google and searched animal shelters in North America. I emailed many people. Only a few replied back. I interviewed Tracy from Brandon humane society, Sally from Hull's haven boarder collie rescue, Michelle from Pembina valley humane society, Pete from Vancouver humane society, and Joey from PETA. We finally got a call back from D'arcy who runs D'Arcy's Animal Rescue Center. I invited Joshua to come since he didn't have the chance to experience an interview. We were suppose to interview D'arcy. But unfortunately a dog ran away, and he had to find him. So we interviewed Randi. We later went back to ARC to donate over Fifty dollars. We learned from our expert that cruelty to animals is unnecessary. It is against the law. But there aren't powerful laws to stop it from happening.

Our greatest success was baking the Chocolate Chip Cookies and selling them to students and teachers at our school. We made over fifty cookies and sold all of them. Besides selling cookies and raising money. We also did great in interviewing. At first I was really nervous interviewing them. Then I got use to them. Finally I got the hang of it and got used to it. The skills that I will take from this project is speaking to random people. I was so into my project, and I wanted everyone to know that cruelty to animals is bad! After the second interview I felt like I could speak to any stranger. I had to guts to speak my mind and let people know how I feel. I am no longer afraid of talking to random people on the streets.

Honestly, Joshua wasn't doing anything in the beginning. It was all me. I got so frustrated with him. That I told him off.. Joshua doing nothing was holding us behind. I he still didn't do anything. Until I made him come over and helped him. He later picked up his slack and started doing his job. He become so into it as I was. At some moments he was even picking up my slack!

2 Minutes To Make A difference is important to grade eight students because we're still young. The youngest kids could be the most powerful voice of all. Teaching us what's good and wrong lets us know what to do. We're the future, and if teachers set our minds up for the future, we can actually make a difference. This is also important to us because it was educational and fun to do.

In the future, I'll be making a difference by volunteering at a local humane society when I turn sixteen. If I ever see an animal hurt or being abused I will stop it right away. Even knowing I could get hurt. It's unfair how humans are hurting animals that can't even protect themselves. "People who hurt animals have a bigger issue inside of them." Also, if I can't do anything, then i'd just call the cops, or a shelter I know that can help.

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