Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Christian T's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Reflection

1. The Google doc.

First Draft

Final Draft

The changes we did from our first draft to our final draft were, adding our voices instead of Alec being the only one talking and adding what we did to make a difference. Both of these changes were made because of all the students comments.

We found our expert by contacting by sending an email to Free the Children, this is a foundation that help children that are in a bad spot. We received an email from Bianca Gonazales, we asked her questions, then she replied to us with thoughtful answers. The things i learned from the interview with Bianca Gonazales were that we can help prevent child labor by spreading the word, being informed, asking the companies what precautions are being take to ensure the goods they produce are child labor free.

My greatest sucess in this 2 minutes project was helping with the voice overs because one of our group members couldn't do it so, I had to do his parts. A skill the I would take with me for the future is doing the voice over. I would take that skill because in the future I might come across a project that needs voice overs or a job opportunity.

The thing that frustrated me was doing the extra voice overs that I hadn't plan on doing at the time. It frustrated me because I had a lot of homework to do and I had to to study for a test. I overcame this problem by managing my time beetter after finishing the voice over and by staying up later.

The 2 minutes project is important to grade 8's because it opens our eyes and to see the world in a different perspective. What i mean by this is that instead of worrying about tests, exams, what latest thing you're going to buy next, and taking things for granted, this project helps us appreciate what we do have unlike the children/animals you see suffering in the videos.

In the future I will make a difference by appreciating and treating everything with respect and donating money money to foundations that focus helping on child labor or any problems.

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