Monday, November 8, 2010

Show You Know # 2

Question -
a) Identify a whole number with a square root between 8 and 9.
b) How many whole numbers can you find that have a square root between 8 and 9? Show your work.

a) 8 square = ?
8 x 8 = 64

a) 9 square = ?
9 x 9 = 81

So the square root of 72 will have a value between 8 and 9.

b) There are 16 whole numbers that have a square root between 8 and 9.

(8 square = 64)
(9 square = 81)
Between 64 and 81 there are 16 whole numbers

(if you cant see the square root thingy, the top one is 8 and the second one is 9)


  1. Good Job Kris. I like to say, that your labels is perfect. Not too long and not too short. Your first picture was very good, easy to read and colourful. But next time, for the second picture, try making the font a little bit larger. I think you changed colour font a lot. But when you do the blog again next time, you'll know what to do. Good job!

  2. Good job Kris! I agree with Jomer, The font for image #2 is a bit small, so next time you should make it bigger! You did pretty good on highlighting important words, but you did change the font color of some words that weren't needed to be changed (: . But overall nice post!

  3. Good job Kris! I like how you kept your post simple. The first picture was good, but for the second picture i think you should've made the font bigger and the number beside 9 should be 81. For question B, I got: There are 17 whole numbers that have a square root between 8 and 9.

  4. Good job Kris! Your answers were similar to mine. Next time, try not to add too much color.

  5. Great job Kris. I understood everything you put on the post. I also got 16 whole numbers. Your post was very colourful and the images were good, just a little small. Again, great job.

  6. Good Job Kris. I like your pictures they are very understandable. Your post is really organize. You highlighted important words. To improve this post, next time try to put a video and a link. other than that Good Job.

  7. Good Job Kris! Pictures were nice, could've been a little bigger. Post was understandable and it was well organized. Job well done.