Monday, November 8, 2010

Joshua's Pythagoras Scribe Post

4. What are the areas of the three squares shown?

9. a) Calculate the areas of the three squares
b) Is this a right triangle? Explain.

12. Use the Pythagorean relationship to find the unknown area of each square.

17. What is the area of the square that can be drawn on side c of each triangle?

Here is a video to help you out:

For more help check out this link.

If I did anything wrong, please tell me!


  1. Good job Joshua! I really liked the link that you put and the video was alright. I also liked how your pictures were clear enough to see and understand. Next time I think you should use words to explain your answers instead of just pictures. But still, Good Job!

  2. Good job Joshua! I liked how you made your pictures dark. For nine b) your 90 degrees kind of looked like 9 degrees.

  3. Good job Joshua. nice pictures it really stands out.

  4. Good Job Joshua, I like the video and the link you posted. Your pictures are great, really easy to understand. Good JOb.

  5. Good job Joshua. Your post told us the questions, but you should double check some of your answers, such as some of questions 9 and 17 and ALL of question 12. Again, good job.

  6. Good Job Joshua! Pictures are very neat and understandable.