Sunday, November 7, 2010

Katerina's Scribe post

Questions 1 , 6 , 13 and 20.

1.) Describe using words and symbols the relationship among the areas of the three squares shown.

The relationship is the S2 + V2 = T2 is the same as A2 + B2 = C2.

6.) Write an addition statement using the areas of these three squares.

The addition statement I got was 25 + 144 = 169

B.) What is the side length of each square?
25 = 5x5 = 52
144 = 12x12 = 12 2
169 = 13x13 = 132
5 cm
12 cm
13 cm
6.) Describe using words and symbols the relationship between the side lengths of the squares.
The relationship between them is that the sum of the areas smaller squares equal the areas of the largest square.
13.) A small triangular flower bed has a square steeping stone on each side, is the flower bed the shape of a right triangle ? Explain.
No it isn't because the sum of the smaller squares isn't equal to the area of the larger square.
20.) A right triangle has sides of 13 cm, 4 cm, and 5 cm. Attached to each side is a semi circle instead of a square. Describe the relationship between the areas and the semi circles.
The sum of the area of the two smaller semi circles is equal to the area of the squares by the hypotenuse.

Here is a Pythagoras game that you can try.

Here is a site to help you understand this.

If I made any mistakes please let me know!


  1. Good job Katerina. Your post showed me all the answers to the questions. It had a link and images, but not a video; you should add one. Also, you should really check your spelling. One last thing: a hypotenuse doen't have an area. Again, good job.

  2. Thanks for letting me know Meldrick hopefully it makes sense now that I changed it.

  3. Good job Katerina! I liked how you highlighted the important words. One thing, you should really use the squared symbol instead of putting the number "2" because at some points i got confused.

  4. Good Job Katerina, your pictures are colorful. I like your websites, and to improve this post I suggest a video. Other than that good Job.

  5. Good job Katerina! I like how you only highlight the important words. Nice pictures, they're nice and colorful! Great job on finding a link for us, but next time you should try and find a video also!

  6. Great job Katerina! I like your pictures they are well done and colorful. I also like how you highlighted the important words, good job on that part. But I noticed in your post that your hypotenuse doesnt have an area, make sure you do that next time. Other than that great job!

  7. Good Job Katerina. Your first picture was kind of hard to read. The font being small and all was a challenge to read. I think you forgot to put that right angle symbol but i might be wrong. You had the right idea changing the font colour only on the important words. Good Job

  8. Good job Katerina! I like the colors that you used to highlight the important words. Good job for putting links, but you should also put a video. Your pictures were okay, but you should put the square thing in the triangles to show that they are right triangles. Anyways, Good Job!

  9. Good Job Katerina! Explanation was good, but could've had a little more color so it stands out what you're trying to say. Overall, it was good.