Monday, November 8, 2010

Jennily's Pythagoras Scribe Post

Question 1,6,13,20

1.) Describe using words and symbols the relationship among the areas of the three squares shown.

The relationship is the S2 + V2 = T2 is the same as A2 + B2 = C2.

6.) Write an addition statement using the areas of these three squares.
The addition statement That was shown was 25 + 144 = 169

B) What is the length side of each square?
25 = 5
144 = 12
169 = 13

C) Describe using words and symbols, the relationship between the side length of each square.
The addition of the two smaller squares are equal to the largest square.

13.) A small triangular flower bed has a square steeping stone on each side, is the flower bed the shape of a right triangle ? Explain.
No it isn't because the two smaller square isn't equal to the largest square. 4800+4800=9600

20.) A right triangle has sides of 13 cm, 4 cm, and 5 cm. Attached to each side is a semi circle instead of a square. Describe the relationship between the areas and the semi circles.
The area of the two smaller semi circle is equal to the area of the square by the hypotenuse.

There is my post hope you like it and if I made any mistake please tell me.
I found a Pythagoras trivia game here is the site hope you have fun.


  1. Good JOb Jennily. Your post is okay. To improve this post I think you should add more colors. You should've done the way that mr Harbeck taught us. A video would be helpful. Good Job.

  2. Good post Jennily. Your post showed us all the answers to the questions you were supposed to do. However, you could have shown more of your work and made the post much more detailed. You should also add colour, a video, and an actual link we can just click on. Again, good post.