Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jasmin's Pythagoras Scribe Post

Textbook Pg.98-100

16 is a perfect square that is smaller than 20.
25 is a perfect square that is greater than 20.

(I measured 4cm)

Question 15:

the following numbers from least to greatest :

My answer:

Here is a
link about square roots.
Here is a
video on square roots.

** Please tell me if I did anything wrong, I'll try to fix it!


  1. Good Job Jasmin. I like your post its really neat and organize.. I like how you added simple colors. Your link is awesome, although a video would be helpful. Other than that I really liked your post. :) Good JOb .

  2. Great post, Jasmin. Your post was very detailed and told us all the answers to the questions you actually posted. You should check the answer to 11b because if you measured 4 cm exactly, then the area would be 16 cm². Again, good post.