Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mussie Mesgun Homework Book: Even Questions

2) Use the relationship to determine the length of C in each triangle, to the nearest whole number.show your work.

A) a²+c²=b²
24² cm 26² cm=c²
-576 cm + 676 cm=c²
100 cm=c²
√100 cm=√c²

B) a²+c²=b²
39² +15²=c²
1521 + 225 =c²
41.78 =c
42 = c

4)What is the length of each hypotenuse, to the nearest centimetre? show your work

A) a²+b ²=c²
8² cm + 9² cm=c²
64 cm +81cm=c²
√145cm =√c²

B) a²+b²=c²
6² cm +10² cm=c²
36 cm+100 cm=c²
11.6 = c
12 = c

6) Find the height of triangle with a base of 4 cm and a hypotenuse of 11 cm. Round to the nearest tenth of a centimetre. show your work

-4² cm +11² cm=b²
-16 cm +121cm=b²
b = 10 cm

8) Ellie and Lucas are going to the skateboard park to try out the new ramp.

A) is the new ramp a right triangle? explain your thinking

Yes is a right triangle because it as a 90' angle


  1. Nice post Mussie. I like how you explained your work, but you should try to extend your work a bit more by doing something like this --> (24x24)- (26x26). Also, you could have explained your work for number 8, and try to add a bit of color. Anyways, keep it up!

  2. Good job Mussie! I like how you explained your answer. Next time put pictures. I agree with what Jasmin said, about explaining your work for number 8.

  3. Good Job Mussie. I like your post its really organized, and I really like how you made it colourful yet simple. I agree with Jasmin and Colleen, you should've explained how you got the answer e.g (24x24)- (26x26). Next time to improve this post I suggest you put pictures, a video and a link. Good Job..

  4. Good job Mussie! Your post was neat and I like that you used colour. Next time make sure you explain how you got your answers. Also make sure you add a picture, a link, and a video. Good job.