Tuesday, November 30, 2010

John Chua's scribe post

Understanding percents.
Percent- means it is out of a hundred or another name for hundredths
eg. 65% means 65 out of a 100 or 65/100 or o.65

Fractional percent- a percent that includes a portion of a percent.
eg. 1/2%, 0.42%, 7 3/8%, 125 3/4%, 4.5%

page 125

A) 248% B)1/4% C)74 8/10%
Page 127





  1. Good job, John. Your post told us the answers to most of the questions. Your use of colour was good, and the definitions were clear. However, number 6b was wrong, you showed 6% instead of 0.6%. Good job again.

  2. Good Job John, Your post was neat and I had the same answers you had. Except for one answer. But, When you post your pictures you should use the largest size, because it's kind of hard to read. Over all Good job!

  3. Good job John! I like how you highlighted the important parts. Next time try to add a video to enhance your scribe. For page 127 b) you represented 6% instead of 0.6%. Otherwise, great job

  4. Good Job John. I like your post its nice. Like what others said for 127 b) I got 0.6% instead of 6%. I agree with them ^^ you should put a video and a link next time.. and you should also make your pictures larger. Other than that you did a good job..

  5. Good job John! I like how your post is nice and organized. I think you should make your images a bit bigger. For pg.127 B) You shaded in 6% instead of 0.6%, But overall, good job!

  6. Good job John! Your post was very neat and simple. But for the show you know on page 127 b) you shaded in 6% instead of 0.6%. Next time make sure you add a video and a link.

  7. Good Job! You put down some definitions and the work we had to do but i think you should check your work before you post it.