Friday, November 5, 2010

Anna's Pythagoras Scribe post

5) A right triangle has a side lengths of 40 mm, 75mm and 85 mm.
a. Sketch the triangle. Draw a square on each side of the triangle.

b. What are the areas of three squares?

c. Write and addition statement with the areas of three squares .

10.) A triangle has side lengths of 120 mm, 160 mm, and 220 mm. Is the triangle a right triangle? Eplain your reasoning.

Correction: for c2 its suppose to be 40,000.

Yes it is a right triangle. I used this formula

15)Consruction workers have begun to dig a hole for swimming pool. They want to check that the angle they have dug is 90 degrees. They measure they diagonal as shown to be 9.5 m. Explain your reasonings.

No its not a right angle because in my calculation the hypotenous should be 10 to be a right angle.

My proof.

19.) A right triangle has a square attached to each side. Two of the squares have areas of 10 cm2 and 15 cm2. What are possible areas for the third square? Draw a sketch for each solution.

The possible areas for the third square is

5 cm and 25 cm.

How I got the anwer: a2+b2=c2 for 25 cm
and c2-b2=a2 for 5 cm.

Here are some math games.

For help go to this website

Guys if I made mistakes let me know, and I'll try to change it. :)


  1. Good job Anna! The video is very helpful. I also like the links you put. Next time only change the color of the font for the important words. Overall good job!

  2. Nice post Anna! it really helped me alot. The video was good. Next time try not to change the colour so much.

  3. Good Job Anna! I really liked how you showed your work. The images were nice and the video was very helpfu. Next time, you should only change the color of important words.

  4. Good job, Anna. Your post was very good and showed the answers to all the questions you did. It was also very colourful.. almost too colourful. Remember only to use colour to highlight important words. Also, for the image for question 10, the comma should go here: 40,000. That is all.

  5. Good job Anna! I liked how colorful it was. For number ten, you should have showed us your answers. Other than that, your scribe was good.

  6. Good job Anna! I like how your post is nice and colorful, but make sure you only highlight the important words! Your images were great and very easy to understand! Keep it up!

  7. Great post Anna! I like the color you addded to your post, but make sure that your only adding color to the most important words. I also liked your images, the were very easy to read and understand. Keep up the great work!

  8. Nice post Anna. I liked the picture that were in your post. But I thought that it was very hard to read what was under because the start of the sentence was at one end and the end at the other. I also thought that a little less colour would have been nice. Other than those two thing the post was pretty good.

  9. Good Job Anna! To be honest the first four pictures were kind of boring to look at. Next time you should make it more colourful! I really liked how you changed the font colour on the answers. Also how you have the proof. The video made me understand even more. And the link was good. Good job!

  10. Good Job Anna! Everything was well explained, you have good pics and good variation of colors. Adding a vid was really good too. Good Job!