Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christian Andulan's Pythagoras Scribe Post

Lets start things off with our homework ! Pages 91-94, all questions.

*Sorry for the messy work
I had to do questions 2, 7, 14 and 18.

2.) A triangle has side lengths of 7cm, 11cm, & 15cm. Explain how you can determine whether it or not it is a right triangle.

" a² + b² doesn't equal to c². This isn't a right triangle "

7.The sides of a right triangle measure 9cm,12cm and 15cm.

a)What is the area of each square attached to three sides of the right triangle?

b)Write an addition statement showing the relationship between the areas of the three squares.

14.) Show whether each triangle in the table is a right triangle.

18. The diagram is made of two triangles and five squares.
a) What is the area of square x?
b) I did not understand this question.


  1. Nice job Christian! Your post showed good answers and I also like how you took pictures! Next time you should put some color into your post or maybe a link to a interesting site. Other then that great post!

  2. Good job Chris! I couldn't find any wrong answers. I liked how you took your own pictures, but next time try to have better lighting because it appeared dark.

  3. Good JOb Christian. I like how you used your own pictures, but next time try to make it brighter cause for the 3rd picture its hard for me to read 4 b). And next time a video and a link will be helpful . Other than that you did a good job.

  4. Good post Christian! I like how you explained your work, it was very understandable, but next time try to have better lighting when you're taking your pictures! I think you should make the font a bit bigger, but overall great job!

  5. Great post Christian! I like how you explained your work, it was easy to understand, but next time you should make your pictures more easy to read, add some light. Also i think that your font should be a bit bigger, overall great post!

  6. Good Job Christian! Your Post was very neat and easy to read. But, the small font isn't a very good idea. It's kind of hard to read. Also, I noticed that you only changed the font colour once. You should change it more often, but don't change it every single word. Taking pictures is a good way to show your work. But you should get better lighting. Next time, Don't forget a video or a link to make this blog even better! Good job!

  7. Good job Christian! I like how you put your own pictures to show your work. But next time, try to get better lighting. Your post was organized, but it would've been easier to read if the font was a bit larger. To make your post even better, you should add more color, a link, and a video next time. But overall, Good Job!

  8. Good job Christian. Your post showed us most of the answers to the questions we were supposed to do. Your post was detailed up until question 18, but the font could have been bigger and a link and video could have been added as well. As for question 18, you could have asked someone. Here is the answer:
    The area of square Y is 16 m².
    Again, good job.

  9. Good Job Chris! Your post was well done, but could've had more colors so that it stands out. It was very organized but, your font could've been a little bigger. Overall, Good Job. Keep up the good work.