Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jennily's Textbook Pages

Pg 108-110

Question 3,9,11

3. Walter walks across a rectangular field in a diagonal line. Maria walks around two sides of the field. They meet at the opposite corner. Express your answer to the nearest metre.

A) How far did Maria walk?

B) How far did Walter walk?

C) Who walked further? By how much?

A) Maria walked 420 Km.

B) Walter walked 323 Km.

C) Maria had walked more further by 97m.

9. A checkerboard is made of 64 small squares that each have a dimension of 3cm * 3cm. The 64 small squares are arranged in eight rows of eight.

A) What is the length of th diagonal of small square? Give your answer to the nearest tenth of a centimetre.

B) What is the total length of the diagonal of the board? Give your answer to the nearedt centimetre.

A) a square + b square = c square

3 square + 3 square = c square


c square = 18

c = 4.2 cm square

B) 32cm
11. Johan has a 300-cm ladder that he leans up against a wall. The safety sticker on the side of the ladder shows that the bottom must be placed between 70 cm and 110 cm away from the wall. What are the minimum distance and maximum distance up the wall that the ladder can reach? Give your answers to the nearest tenth of a centimetre.
The maximum is 291.7 cm, and the minimum is 279 cm.


  1. Good job Jennily! I like how your post was very colorful, although you shouldn't have colored each question a different color, and instead pick bold and dark colors. Also, remember to put a video and link. I really like your pictures too. For each question you should have explained on more what you did to get the answer, especially for number 11. I like how you took the time to do the scribe on your birthday. Speaking of birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!(: Hope you have a great one.

  2. Good job Jennily! I like how you added images. You should have explained your work a bit more for us to understand how you got your answer. Keep it up!

  3. Good job Jennily!! Your post was very simple and neat. I liked that you put colour and pictures into your post also. For number 9 b I got 34 instead of the 32.Next time make sure you put a video and a link. Otherwise great job!! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Good job Jennily! I liked the pictures. Although, you may have added a bit too much color. Also, you could have explained your answers more. Other than that, good job!

  5. Good Job Jennily. I like your pictures, its really simple. Like what others said a video and a link will be very helpful. Next time try to explain your answers, so we can understand it more.

  6. Good job Jennily. I like the pictures and how you did the work. I also like colors, but I think you added to much. Overall good job!