Monday, January 31, 2011

Hendrik's daily question #3

Hello my fans and people who r just browsing the web Fridays question was If you were to have one of these super powers what would it be? 25 % voted to control who smells your farts and 75% to control time. Now I want you to tell people to watch out for my blogs tell all your friends to submit tell your friends,your brothers/siblings, and if you got one of those fancy new dogs tell them to also If you have any request for a question leave it in the comment section i promise you I will look at all of them and good ones or crazy ones will get chosen. Today many people have told me that i will get in trouble so here is today's question.Remember I make these at lunch so I do not no the result yet and if you ever want to see me make them I will be in Mr.Harbeck's math lab.

How bad do you think I got/gonna get in trouble?

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