Sunday, January 16, 2011

Final Percent post

1. Percent;
In this unit we learned a lot about percent. Percent means it is out of a hundred, it can also be converted to fractions and decimals. We also learned how to combine percents. And we were taught how to convert percents to decimals and fractions.
Representing Percents;
-you can also represent percent in a hundred grid.
-1 whole grid is represented as 100% and 3/4 is 75%

Converting percents to a decimal and fraction;
-percent is out of a hundred
-decimals out of one

Percent of a number;
- change the percent to a decimal


Combining Percents;
- combining percent is really helpful if you go shopping
eg. The SLR was on sale for $250.oo. Find out what what total cost of the SLR with 5% GST and 7%PST.

2. Here's the video I made about percents.

3. Here's my percent scribe post .
4. Here's a link to help you learn more about percents.

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