Sunday, January 16, 2011

Final Percent Post

1) This chapter was about decimals, percents, and fractions. We learned how to show percents in different ways. We also learned about GST and PST.

4.1 Representing Percents

You can represent percents using hundred grids

eg. 50%

4.2 Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Fractions and Decimals can be also written as a Percent.
eg. 50% = 1/2, 0.5

4.3 Percent of a number

Using mental math strategies you can find the percent of a number.

eg. halving, doubling, or dividing by 10

You can also find the percent of the number by converting the percent to a decimal and multiplying the number.

4.4 Combining Percents

You can combine percents by adding to solve some problems.

eg. 5% + 7% = 12%

2) Here is the video I made for percents.

3) Here is a link to a Percent Scribe Post

4) Here is a link about Percents

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