Monday, January 17, 2011

Final Percent

Percents 1. This chapter, we learned about percent. Percent means out of 100. Percents can be converted into fractions and/or decimals.
Example: 35, 35/100 , 0.35

What is a percent ?
A percent is a number out of one hundred.

4.1 representing percent?
Fractions , decimals , and can be written as a percent.
EX 50%, 1/2 , 0.5.

4.3 Percent of a number?
Use mental math to find a percent of a number.
EX multiplying, dividing , doubling.
You can also find the percent of the number by converting the percent to a decimal and multiplying the number.

4.4 Combing percents
you can combine percent to solve some problems.
examples 8% + 8% = 16%.

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