Monday, January 31, 2011

Anna's Surface Area

Finding the surface area of Rectangular Prism and Triangular Prism.

Triangular Prism

Rectangular Prism.

Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems

7.3 question

v= π . r^2 . h
v= (3.14 x 5 x 5)x23cm
v=78.5 x 23cm
1805.5 cm^3

7.4 question

a) Yes, he has enough small triangular Prisms to make a giant prism with a base of 5.6m and height of 6.8m.
b) v=b.h^1/2.h^2
v=(5.6x1.18)x6.8 m
v= 10.08 x 6.8 m
v= 69 m^3
The Volume of the new prism is 69m^3


  1. Good job Anna! Your post was neat and easy to read. I liked that you changed the colour of the important words. Good job.

  2. Good job Anna, I like how you used a good amount of color in your images and font. Nice job on explaining your work very clearly. Keep it up!

  3. Nice job Anna, I like how your post is very colorful. Your post is very organized and neat. I liked how you added a video and it got me understanding more about surface area. Although you should have added a link, and to make it better, flitsi. I liked how you put everything in a logical order. Overall nice job(: