Sunday, January 16, 2011

Final Precent Post

Define Percent: Percent also known as hundredths can be represented as an fraction or a decimal and means out of 100.

In the first section of chapter 4 we learned how to represent a percent with hundred grids.

In the second section of the chapter we learned that a precent can also be represented as decimal and a fraction.

3/4, 0.75, and 75% all mean the same.

The third section of the chapter was about Precent of a Number. In this section we learned how to uses mental math like dividing by 10, doubling, and halving. We also learned to get the answer by writing the percent as a decimal and multiplying it by the number.

10.25% of 50= 0.1025 x 50
= 5.125

The last section of chapter 4 was about combining percents. to do this all you have to do is add the two percents together once that is done you can treat it just like any other percent to get your answer. (can be used for taxes by having a 1 before the decimal place to show it is more than 100%)

5%GST and 7% PST

12% of $100=$12

Here is My Percent Video:


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