Sunday, May 8, 2011

Maya's Algebra Post

Algebra - Writing mathematical phrases using letters to show numbers.
Variable - A letter that represents a number in an equation or expression. eg. x, n, t.
- The integer in an algebraic equation or expression.

Expression - A pattern with many possible answers.
Equation - With only one possible answer.

How to solve a one step equation:
1. Isolate the variable.
2. Cancel the constant using a zero pair.
Balance the equation. What you do on one side, do t
o the other.
4. Verif

Solving with algebra tiles.

How to do two step equations:
1. Isolate the variable.
2. Cancel the constant.

3. Balance.
4. Simplify the variable.
5. Balance.
6. Verify.

Here are two videos that will help you understand one step and two step equations.

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