Monday, February 14, 2011


The linear measurement is 25cm

1ml = 1cm2

Area of the base x he

Base (of a prism or cylinder)
- Any face of a prism that shows the named shape of the prism.
- The base of a rectangular prism is any face.
- The base of a triangular prism is a triangular face.
- The base of a cylinder is a circular face.

Height (of a prism or cylinder)
- The perpendicular distance between the two bases of a prism or cylinder.

Area of base x h
bxh/2 . h2
6x10/2 = 30cm2
30cm2 . 5cm = 150cm3

Area of base x h
3.14 . r . r x h
3.14 . 5 . 5 = 78.5cm2
d/2 = r
10/2 = r
78.5cm2 . 10cm = 785cm2
Here is a link to help you understand better about volumes.

A) V = pi x r x r x h
V = (3.14 x 5 x 5) x 23
V = 78.5cm2 x 23cm
V = 1805. 5 cm3
B) V = pi x r x r x h
V = (3.14 x 14 x 14) x 12
V = 615.44 x 12cm
V = 7385.28 cm3
C) V = pi x r x r x h
V = (3.14 x 0.5 x 0.5) x 1.5
V = 0.375m x 1.5
V = 1.1775


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