Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brandon's Text Book Volume Scribe

From the textbook, I had to do pages 260-261 numbers 11,16,17.
Here's what I did.

Copy and complete the following table.
the 700 is supposed to be 1200, sorry for the mistake.

a) So this is what I did. I needed to find the height for the first one so I divided 70 by 7 and I got 10
then I divided 10 by 2 and got 5.

b)For the second one I did the same thing 1080/12 = 90, 90/10 = 9 12x9x10 = 1080

c) 1200/5 = 240, 240/ 15 = 16

16)Cindy’s aquarium stands 75 cm tall and
has a base that measures 1.2 m × 80 cm.
At one point during the initial filling, the
aquarium has a 12-cm depth of water in
it. Cindy needs to fill it to 15 cm from the
top before she adds the fish. Draw a
diagram and label the dimensions of the
aquarium. Determine how much more
water Cindy must add before she puts in
the fish.

v= l.w.h
v=72,000 cm3

17) contractor is excavating a rectangular
hole 10 m × 12 m × 3 m to pour the
foundation for a house. A dump truck
with a capacity of 9 m3 is used to haul
away the excavated soil. How many trips
does the truck need to make?

v= l.w.h
360/9= 40

The truck made 40 trips


  1. Good job Brandon. I liked the pictures you made but it would have been nice if you changed the colour of the important words in the questions.

  2. Good Job Brandon. I liked how you explained everything. But to make your pictures more catchy you should've added colors, and you should've made the font size bigger so it doesn't look plain. Good Job.