Thursday, February 17, 2011

Math Textbook pages 250-253 #3,7,9,11,15

a) V=Area of Base x h
V= 15cm2 x 4cm
V= 60cm3
b) V=Area of Base x h
V= 18cm2 x 12cm
V= 216cm3
c) V=Area of Base x h
V= 96cm2 x 20cm
V= 1920cm3

7. a) V/Area of Base = h
32cm3/8cm2 = h
4cm = h

b) V/Area of Base = h
35cm3/5cm2 = h
7cm = h

c) V/Area of Base = h
36cm3/9cm2 = h
4cm = h
11. V= area of base x h
V= 10.4cm2 x 9
V= 93.6cm3

15. I'm not sure if I got this question right.
Area of base x h = V
615m2 x 44.5 m = 27367.5m3
425m3 / 27367.5m3 = 0.015529368%
0.015529368 x 100 = 1.5529368%
= 1.6%


  1. Good job Christian. Your post was well organized and you showed all of your work. Next time try adding a video and a link.

  2. Nice Job Christian! I like how you showed you work but I see some stuff is on the side which makes it confusing. Good job on remembering to put an images, too get us to understand more. Although you should have added color for more zip! I agree with Emily, next time have a video and a link to give more people help and so we can understand more.